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About us

The story of Giusto Gostoli Company begins in the small building of Via Verdi n5 and starting from the ’50 it has been present during the economic and cultural changes of our country. 60 years of evolution.

Through the years the point of view of a family-run company has moved towards a new vision of improvement in research, technologic innovation and design evolution.
Today, Giusto Gostoli Company represents a benchmark in the territory for its supply of building materials and interior decorations in terms of quality, reliability and variety of solutions for its products. 

Thanks to a constant research of products and process, the company has always been focusing its attention to international trends of design and building. With green-architecture, people have introduced new ideas of energy-saving and sustainable development in architectural design and in healthy living. Thanks to all these elements the company has become an interesting sector center for innovative materials and interior decorations. 
Today the Company has a harmonious team of 15 employees leaded by the founder Giusto Gostoli and his sons MarcoGiustina and Francesco , who have recently joined the Company with the same values, vision, and dedication of their grandfather Tullio. The company is one of the biggest in the area of Pesaro and it offers the highest quality brands available on the market with large specific dedicated sections: ceramic, stone and wooden covering; bathroom fixtures, decorative radiators and fireplaces which combine functionality and design; taps and fixings of the best bathroom-design brands.

50s – 60s

It’s 1954 when Tullio Gostoli comes back to Fermignano after twenty years in Bolzano; there he had built a transport company, challenging the economic depression, and had taken part in the building field, which was particularly lively during those years thanks to the construction of dykes and hydroelectric systems. In this very year, Tullio obtained the commercial licence to sell “building materials, cement, lime, tiles and cement objects”.


90s – 2000s

In 1976 the company ownership goes from Tullio to Giusto, who eventually takes up leadership. These are years of great changes and the effects of the Italian economic boom are still visible: in these very years, opportunities in the construction field increase and Gostoli takes advantage and resolves to buy directly from the producers, thus conferring his company a research cut, more and more attentive and looking forward.

70s – 80s

In 1969 Giusto Gostoli started working with his father in the family company, being at the same time seller at “la Fornace PICA”, memorable manufacturing of Pesaro bricks. It was during this experience that young Giusto got in contact with the stimulating world of surveyors, architects, engineers and building entrepreneurs of his area, in a general growing of industrial and building activities.


In the 80s, the original development of materials such as fiberglass, plastic laminates, glass block and enameled colored brass, leads to new application solutions in furnishing and design. This stimulates the Gostoli’s company which undertakes a new path of aesthetic research, materials selection and diversification, thus managing to widen the company offer and the spaces dedicated to exposition.